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Sometimes, the ability to stay dry during the night is delayed for some children; this bed wetting should stop when they reach five or six years of age. If they don't, there are a few things that can be done to end bed wetting.

Have your child start bladder training. This skill enables your child to improve his or her control over the urge to urinate. The main benefit is that it will increases the amount of urine the child's bladder can hold as well as the length of time the child needs in between bathroom breaks.

For night training use a good bed wetting alarm. A Bedwetting Alarm is a device that is used to treat a child with a bed wetting problem. When the child has a pee, the alarm vibrates or sounds off. Essentially, the alarm is used to train the child to wake up when they are emptying their bladders.

A good bedwetting alarms is a great solution to bedwetting because it causes a behavioural modification in your child. It does this by sounding off or vibrating at the first sign of pee then the child wakes up in time to go to the bathroom and finish what s/he started. The child leans to recognize the signs of needing to toilet in the night and thus avoids bed wetting accidents in future. Remember bedwetting alarms are a healthier alternative to medications.

A motivating reason to buy a modern, proven bedwetting alarms is that the newer alarms on the market today come in bright colors that young children really enjoy and help them take owner-ship of their alarm.

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